May 7, 2007

माझी चित्रकला

माझी चित्रकला :

थेट संगणकावर साध्या माऊसने काढलेली ही काही चित्रे.

नवीन चित्र काढण्याची पद्धत :
  • संपूर्ण कोऱ्या 'पार्श्वभूमी' वर (white/transparent background) सुरवात.
  • मुख्यत: 'स्प्रे टूल' वापरून सर्व चित्र काढणे.
  • सर्वात शेवटी काही effects देणे.


NIK said...

Great Picture

राहुल फाटक said...

Thanx Nik :)

Avdhoot said...

It would be great If you could show us step by step how you do it ?

राफा said...

Thanks for the comment Avdhoot !

What I will try to do is make animated GIFs, slowly transforming thru progressive WIP versions of each painting (i.e. possible only where i still have retained the old files). That should give you a fair idea how objects, color schemes, textures got added/changed/deleted etc.

I never got any formal training in sketch/painting so there is no 'knowledge' to be shared really (computer painting in 10 easy steps).. not trying to be modest.. its a fact :).

One definite tip I can give is : If you like a particular WIP version, save it, make a copy and proceed ! That way, if you are not happy with the next version(s) or think of a bright new idea, you can always re-start with any previous version.